What is a Social Club?

An association of adult people exercising their constitutional right to possess, cultivate, consume and share their cannabis in a private space.

Isn’t that illegal?

No, the Constitutional Court ruled on 8 September that adults have the right to possess, cultivate and consume Cannabis in a private space.

How Does the club Work?

You, the member is in need of cannabis for personal reasons. You do not want to buy cannabis from the black-market as it is unregulated and you are uncertain of the quality or the origin of the cannabis. Your next step could be to join a pre-existing Cannabis Social Club to facilitate the procurement of compliant Cannabis. Upon entering the club, you will be met by a club representative that will conduct a mini-interview with you to explain the parameters of the club.

The potential member will then complete an application form and submit a photo of their ID or Drivers License to verify their identity. The member will then be asked to complete a compliance questionnaire that will explain the rules of the club and the Grow One Africa co-operative. Once accepted, the member will pay a monthly membership fee of R50 to gain access to the club’s sharing station. 

How does the growing work?

Each member is allocated a member number which is then directly assigned to a grower to cultivate cannabis for that specific member. A short-term lease agreement is undertaken between the member and the farmer. The farmer completes a grow diary that keeps track of your harvest and invoices the member for reimbursement of labor and money spent during the cultivation period.

Once a member’s harvest is ready, it is shared into the social club for other members to enjoy and we the club, reimburse the farmers on behalf of that member. The members plant will arrive at the club where the club will facilitate the admin, storage & packaging.